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Aid 4 Africa Projects

Ideally, Aid 4 Africa would like to contribute to lasting, long-term, projects that will greatly improve the lives of many individuals. However, we are here to help all of our brothers and sisters in Africa no matter the need. If we can help everyone, we would. Here are some of the past projects that we have supported, and some of our current and future projects that we strive to fund soon–with your help!

Clean Drinking Water to Remote Areas

As Americans, we often take for granted that water comes strait into our homes and we simply expect it to be there every time we turn on the faucet. However, not everyone has easy access to water. And most of the lucky individuals who do have access to water are drinking polluted water that looks milky and more like milk than water.

Aid 4 Africa has a major focus on bringing a long-term solution for providing clean drinking water to areas where water is difficult to obtain.

Food Donations To Feed The Hungry

There is an endless amount of need throughout the African Continent. Many families do not know where the next meal will come from tomorrow.

Aid 4 Africa has sent food to families in need of assistance. We would like to play a bigger role in providing long-term, reliable, sources of food, but we need your help.

Your donations make it possible for us to continue to be a beacon of hope for hungry families throughout Africa.

Renovation of Homes Destroyed by Natural Disasters

This is a home that was entirely built with sticks, mud, string and a metal roof that was rusty and leaked. When the rains came recently, the entire house was flooded and the bottom of the supporting walls washed away with all of the water flowing through the house. Since this incident, Mama Shakira has been purchasing one cement block at a time to hopefully build herself a home someday.

Fortunately, Aid 4 Africa had extra funds  necessary to help add to Mama Shakiras blocks . We ended up completly demolishing her existing house and built her a block constructed home that keeps her and her children safe and dry.

Equipment For Schools To Promote Education

Aid 4 Africa has donated printers, books, school supplies, bathroom supplies/feminine hygiene products, and a number of other items to schools in an effort to make education more effective and supportive to the students. We also built an 8-stall restroom facility at one local school to create a more sanitary and safer place for the students. We hope to model this for future projects.

School Uniforms, Books, Shoes & Supplies

Aid 4 Africa has donated school uniforms, books, shoes, and supplies to children who come from families that cannot afford them or who no longer have family alive to support them.

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