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Joe Jones

My name is Joe Jones. I live near Seattle Washington in the United States of America. I have worked in the housing construction industry for over 35 years. Currently, I work for a national building supply company. I do design work to supply framing materials, pre-cut and marked, with a map how to nail the pieces together. We call it “Ready Frame.”

I grew up in Arizona, in the South-Western USA. At a young age, I wanted to raise chickens. My father said that I could if I did some research, then, design and build a chicken structure. When all was said and done, the neighbors called it “The Chicken Mansion!”

Later, as a teenager, I would draw house plans that had passive solar and atrium gardens inside. I would spend hours with a shovel contouring our sloping back acreage to make a terraced garden. After high school, I served a mission for my church. Then, I met my future best friend and we got married.

We had 2 beautiful girls. We lost our first daughter at age 4 due to a drunk driver. A few years later, we adopted our son. Our second
daughter past away January 2020 due to cancer. Sometimes when I am privileged to help someone, I can almost hear my girls cheering me on. I have found a way to find meaning in life by helping others.

My wife is a school bus driver for special needs kids. She loves her job and the kids love her!

For me, my interest in helping people in Africa started when I met my friend, Kennedy Odhiambo. As we got to know each other, I learned that he has a passion for helping others. He is from Tanzania but had an opportunity to work in the US.

Out of his own pocket, he funded the digging of a well in his village. He also funded other humanitarian projects. Seeing the need for the betterment of his friends and family, he and some friends decided to start a Non-Government Organization, NGO, called Tanzania Relief and Sustainable Development, TRSD.

Their vision is to fund the starting of projects that will, over time, help the people in the local villages to have a way to have water, education, and a way to improve themselves, their families, and the community.

I invited Kennedy to share his thoughts about TRSD with some people in my town. 17 people showed up to listen and from that, some of them asked, “What next?” So, we met and started a non-profit corporation, Africa Relief and Sustainable Development Association, ARSDA.

Our purpose is to help with funding for existing NGO’s in Africa. No one in our organization gets paid, we are all volunteers. When I tell others of our goals, I invite them to “Come and see for yourselves.” Reach out to me at 

Stories From Joe Jones


The Need For Water

The Need for water is dire in Tanzania, Africa. According to the World Health Organization, only 44% of citizens in Tanzania have access to clean drinking water.

October 2021


It’s amazing to me how a few people can come together and good things can happen!


Finally, here in Africa!

Starting our journey to see for ourselves the projects that we are helping TRSD to accomplish. It is very humbling to see with my own eyes, the things we have been planning for months!


At the Hotel

It’s the little things that catch my attention…


What a day!

Village, government, nature, beautiful all!


An unexpected success!

Another box of donated books got presented!


Plans change…

Start of an unexpected side project. Cool!

4/22/2022 part 2

This is the place!

Fingers crossed, this is the day drilling begins!


More waiting, more success!

Seeing Momma Shikira’s countenance and her confidence increase each day was an inspiration!


Church in Tanzania

Singing with some of the sisters after meetings was the highlight of the day!



Using a leveling method that I used long ago..


Going home, but not done yet…

Even as Ed and I are going home, TRSD continues the work and progress is made.


Final on the well and home.

Completion of 2 projects! Yeah, TRSD!


Hmmm, I was thinking…

USA, Tanzania and the equator.


Water for everyone!

Excitement as the water is flowing! YES!


Before and after…

Found some more pictures of Momma Shirira’s home before it was torn down. 


When you don’t have a hardware store near by…

Check this out! Making a PVC elbow and coupler end from scratch! 


Power to well pump?

One more step to completion!



It’s official!

Handing over the well in an official ceremony


 Concert in the park

Some differences and similarities between USA and Tanzania…

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Kennedy Odhiambo, President of Tanzania Relief and Sustainable Development (TRSD) Shaking hands with District Commissioner Nickson Simon John.