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Aid 4 Africa is an official, United States-based, 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We fund projects throughout Africa to help improve the lives of those who need assistance most. Our organization is run entirely by non-paid volunteers, so nearly every penny is sent to projects designed to impact as many lives as we can help.

How Aid 4 Africa Got Started

Kennedy Odhiambo was a newly baptized member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Kirkland, WA. There he touched the lives of many and forged friendships that would last a lifetime.

Two years after meeting Kennedy some of his friends from church learned that he was sending money home to Tanzania (in Africa) to not only support his family but also to help others in his Tanzanian community. He was spending his own money to help buy equipment for local schools, supplies for students, and he helped to hand dig a well for water. Kennedy’s friends couldn’t sit by and do nothing.

Let’s Have A Bigger Impact

Joe Jones, Ed Chang, and Todd Neilson were some of the first to learn about what Kennedy was attempting to do on his own. They encouraged Kennedy to get the word out by hosting an info night on some of the projects that he was hoping to fund.

Kennedy’s presentation rallied the support of even more friends who were very eager to donate and help the cause. Collectively, the group decided to register as a non-profit organization to have a much bigger impact. Being an official 501(c)3 non-profit organization allows donations to be tax deductible and allows for many companies to match their employee’s donation contributions.

Although we have been making a signficant difference, many individuals are still in need. We need your help. Donate Today!

Mission Statement

The purpose and mission of the Africa Relief and Sustainable Development Association (dba AID 4 Africa) is to support efforts for relief of hunger and poverty in African people and efforts at sustainable development in African communities made by existing African NGO entities.

AID 4 AFRICA Presidency Members

President:  Todd Nielson

Hello, I’m Todd Nielson. I’m blessed to be able to work with the Africa Relief and Sustainable Development Association team. Currently, I work in the travel industry as part of the IT staff. And travel is what generated my interest in helping those less fortunate than myself.

Within the last 5 years, I’ve had the opportunity to travel to countries where most people are living well below the poverty line, and as someone who has been incredibly blessed, it’s impossible to see those conditions and not want to help somehow. Then I met Kennedy Odhiambo through church, and when I saw how he was willing to sacrifice to try to improve the lives of his family and former community in Tanzania, I saw a chance to do something.

Treasurer:  Tamsyn Carter

My husband and I have 6 kids and we have lived in the Pacific Northwest of the USA since 1998. My husband, Eric, works at Microsoft and I stay home to take care of home and family. I have been on a few nonprofit boards, including three different Parent Teacher Associations and a parent association for my kids’ choir. When I joined the Africa Relief and Sustainable Development Association (ARSDA) I saw immediately that my experience on nonprofit boards could be put to good use.

I met Kennedy Odhiambo through the church, and we became friends playing volleyball. When I heard that some friends of Kennedy’s were forming a nonprofit in the US to help his communities in Africa, I wanted to help. I loved the idea that our money and our efforts would go directly to help people Kennedy knew personally. Kennedy himself has sent money home to help kids buy educational supplies so they could attend school and to buy food for Christmas dinners. Our nonprofit could raise funds so that more people could be helped, and we could do bigger projects, like drilling water wells, that could provide clean water for a whole community.

As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints I am a follower of Jesus Christ. I believe that all people on earth are my brothers and sisters and that I have a responsibility to care for them as He would. ARSDA gives me the opportunity to reach out and care for people that really need help.

Secretary:  Ed Chang

Good day. I work in the aerospace industry with customers all over the world. During my travels for work, I have witnessed the huge disparity between those in wealthy countries and those in countries where the standard of living is much lower. The African Relief and Sustainable Development Association (ARSDA) provides the opportunity to help make a difference to those who do not have the things many in the United States take for granted. Clean water to drink, well-built homes, and government-funded schools are a few of the benefits which are not universal to the world.

It breaks my heart to see those in need of these things which would be considered luxuries. ARSDA gives me the opportunity to not just give hope to those in need, but to actually provide the funding for African NGOs to dig wells, provide school supplies, and provide hope for a brighter future for the children. As a parent, I cannot imagine how hard it must be on parents to not be able to provide the basic necessities for their children.

It is my hope that ARSDA can provide the financial support to achieve a better standard of living and education for the future of Africa.

AID 4 AFRICA Board Members

Jeff Andersen

My name is Jeff Andersen. I have lived near Seattle, Washington since 2017, working as a software engineer for Google. My focus is on low-level boot security for servers in our data centers. In my off hours, I enjoy chess, science fiction novels, and skydiving.

The time and place and family in which I was raised have immeasurably blessed my life. I do not know why there is such a disparity of opportunity in the world, predicated by simple geography. For me, ARSDA is a channel by which I can use the means with which I was blessed to in turn bless others’ lives, who are no less deserving than I.

Dale & Gloria Keliikoa

When Kennedy invited us to his information night, we knew we wanted to be involved. We were going to be involved whether they wanted our help or not.  🙂 

We know what it’s like to be in need. In 2008, the economy was so bad that we had to move in with family. We were lucky enough to have others there to help us when we were down on our luck. We want to pay it forward and help our brothers and sisters in Africa.

We believe in Christ. He set the perfect example for us, and if He were here He would want us to help those in need and follow Him. (Mark 10:21)

Joe Jones

My name is Joe Jones. I live near Seattle Washington in the United States of America. 

My interest in helping people in Africa started when I met my friend, Kennedy Odhiambo. He started a Non-Government Organization, NGO, called Tanzania Relief and Sustainable Development, TRSD.  I invited Kennedy to share his thoughts about TRSD with some people in my town. 17 people showed up to listen and from that, some of them asked, “What next?” So, we met and started a non-profit corporation, Africa Relief and Sustainable Development Association, ARSDA.  The keyword that caught my attention is “Sustainable.” Not “once and done” but, something that will last for generations. When I tell others of our goals, I invite them to “Come and see for yourselves.” Reach out to me at 

Cristi King

Coming Soon

Gaby Fuller

Hello! My name is Gaby Fuller and my family and I currently reside in Pflugerville TX. My family consists of my husband Brandon and my three children, Alexander Lunabella and Almanzo.

Early 2021, I graduated from BYUI with a degree in Public Health. This experience is what founded my desire to be a part of ARSDA. Learning of the many world problems around the globe was truly eye-opening; I told myself that if the only thing I did with my degree was provide a clean water source to those in need, then my time spent earning my degree was worth it. When I heard about ARSDA through my sister Gloria, I knew that this was my chance to achieve my newly established goal!

Being a part of ARSDA has not only allowed me to make my education worthwhile, but it has also taught me what true selflessness is. If there’s a dent you are wanting to make in this world, then being a part of ARSDA is a great start!

Dave Tryon

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