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The following is taken from Tanzania Relief and Sustainable Development, TRSD. It show part of their first grant request to Africa Relief and Sustainable Development Association, ARSDA, doing business as Aid 4 Africa. They were requesting funding for the construction of a fresh water well in a village in Tanzania.

Water shortage in Tanzania has been a problem for years now, the problem is even bigger in rural villages. According to WHO, one out of six people lack access to safe drinking water in Tanzania (WHO/UNICEF, 2004). It has been well documented that the water shortage has been caused by population growth, high level consumption and climate change which has reduced the resource of water.

In rural areas only about 44% of people in 2010 had access to water (Ministry of Water). Mothers in rural areas with babies on their back still walk long distances in search of water to use in their daily activities like cooking, washing and drinking. Some women must wait hours to fill their water buckets early in the morning.

Poor sanitation, water and hygiene have many serious repercussions. Children and particularly girls are denied their right to education because their schools lack private and decent sanitation facilities. Women are forced to spend large parts of their day fetching water. Poor farmers and wage earners are less productive due to illness, health systems are overwhelmed and national economies suffer. Without WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene), sustainable development is impossible. [Source: UNICEF]

Kisarawe is a Tanzanian district that is the larger settlement of the Pugu Hills, southwest of Dar es Salaam. In the Kisarawe district there is an 8200-hectares cultivation of Jatropha shrubs that are processed to produce biodiesel.[1]

It is one of the districts of the Pwani (Coast) region and also one of the earliest districts of Tanzania. It is bordered by Mkuranga District to the east, Dar es Salaam region to the north east, Kibaha district to the north, Rufiji district to the South and Morogoro region to the west. As of January, 2018 the population of Kisarawe district was 108,398 according to the Kisarawe District council website. The district is divided into seventeen (17) wards. Though Kisarawe has not enjoyed the economic prosperity as the neighboring Dar es Salaam and other surrounding districts, it is strategically located with both TAZARA and Central railway lines passing through the district. It is also a few kilometers from JK Nyerere International Airport in Dar es Salaam. The Pugu Forest Reserve, an important nature reserve around the Dar es Salaam area is located in the district. Also Kisarawe is one of the major cultivators of cassava in Tanzania.

The district depends on water sources from the dams and wells connected with water pumps for supplying water to the community.   It estimated that 40% of the population are able to access clean water. The problem of shortage of water is caused by climatically changes especially during the dry seasons, Inadequate of water expertise (technicians) to construct water networks and pumping machine, Distance also leads to shortage of water because there are a number of remote areas in Kisarawe district that face with water scarcity because they just are not close to the sources that has water. Areas that are considered to be desert, or areas that are secluded, may not have some sources where people can get water effectively.

On the right is an example of water sources in the Kisarawe District. Notice, in this photo the water hole is used for cleaning clothes and drinking water. The local animals use it as well. 

Above: Digging a hole in the ground and letting water seep into it is a common way people in the villages get their drinking water.

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