19 April 2022

Lydia arrived here late last night and we got to meet her, in person, for the first time this morning. What an amazing person! She took a 16-hour bus ride from Kenya just to be here for the first well project. Kennedy, Ed, Emanuel, Justin and Lydia are traveling to the site this morning so that Ed can get feel of where to shoot video and pictures. The government officials wanted us to start the drilling on Wednesday, since Monday and Tuesday are holidays. 

I was so tired and had a cold. Yet, I felt energized just thinking about where I was! Tanzania, Africa! Who would have thought!

Above: Inside the walls of the hotel compound. Lots of palm trees here.

Just outside the walls of the compound, a nursery  and some cows grazing along the road.

The bananas here are SOOOOO good! All organic, fresh and sweet!

Nemarts Hotel to the left. While Ed and the others were at the school, I stayed back and did some computer work in my room. While the room was being cleaned, I walked just out of the compound and took a few pictures.

Left to right: Emanuel Odhiambo, Justin Gwaka, Ed Chang, Lydia Obiero and Kennedy Odhiambo.

Above: The freshest and leanest chicken I have ever eaten in my life!

Boda boda is what they call a motorcycle and dala dala is the public transit.

On the road near Chanika. Not much traffic right now. But, in other places…

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