17 April 2022

The flight from Dubai to Dar Es Salaam was about 5 hours. It seemed like a piece of cake next to yesterday. We made it! Got here about 2pm Tanzania time. After getting thru customs, we stopped by Momma Shikira’s place and met her. She was braiding the hair of one of the village women. This is how she supports her children.

Then Kennedy and his brother, Emanuel along with Justin and Enoch took us out to dinner, delicious! It was an outdoor local place where, after they served the dinner, would have a bowl and a picture of water and you would hold your hands above the bowl while they poured water over them. Cool! It was dark and I bit into a hot pepper, pilipili kali. Man, it was hot, but good! They brought us back to the hotel and I unpacked and, well, typing a few things for you.

Above is a picture I took of the Silver Palm as we were driving by. (Hmmm, an after thought the next day) This is where we ate.

18 April 2022

I slept pretty good last night! I think I’m adjusting to the new time. After getting ready for the day, I went down to get some breakfast. The lady at the desk said that the chef wasn’t here yet. I think they called and told him we were ready. It was like having our own personal chef! We had scrambled eggs, rolls, a meat filled “pasty” like thing, fresh mango juice, more like a shake, very good, and some chai tea. Kennedy is going to pick us up around 9:30 and we are going to go to his house. There is going to be a party with the young men in the unit. Well, I’ll write about it a little later, maybe tonight.

Wow, what a day! We went to Kennedy’s home and met several members of the Unit. The District President was there, the Relief Society President and many more. They harvested a chicken and cooked food over a fire several hours with many people helping. What a feast! One of the sisters cooked some brown rice and I asked her if she could get me the recipe. She is going to show me how as well as giving me the written recipe. After the feast, Brother Justin asked, Kennedy and myself to give a spiritual thought. I felt so warm and welcomed there. It was nice to have Emanuel translating for us. Later we did some site seeing in the city of Dar Es Salaam. We stopped by Kennedy’s older brother and his family and were greeted as family. They fed us as well. I am well fed today! What a beautiful family! Well, kind of late, I need to go to bed.

They wanted Ed and I  to go first to get some food. I hesitated and the sister that was closest to me took my plate and started filling it up! I was surprised that it didn’t fall off the sides of the plate! She handed me the full plate and turned to get Ed’s. He said, “No thanks. I see the process now, I got it!” I noticed that his plate had way less than mine… It was delicious! I felt so welcomed by everyone! What an awesome experience!

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