April 2022 1st well

African mothers in rural areas with babies on their back still walk long distances in search of water to use in their daily activities like cooking, washing and drinking. Women must spend large parts of their day fetching water. Many rural Tanzanians do not have access to potable water, and expose themselves to water borne diseases. Women and children are the poorest and most vulnerable people who are affected by this problem. In most societies, women and children bear the responsibility of fetching water for the family which is time-consuming, and a physically demanding duty. On average, women and girls in developing countries walk 6 kilometers (3-4 miles) a day, carrying 20 liters (5 ¼ gallons) of water, greatly reducing the time they have for other productive work or for girls to attend school. The local people have dug holes like this one for years and years. Water seeps into them during the wet season, but they go dry up in the summer months. Over the next several posts, I will share some of the successes we have been blessed to be part of. The first well project will be the first one…

Africa Relief and Sustainable Development Association (ARSDA), doing business as Aid 4 Africa, received a request for funding to drill a freshwater well from a non-government organization (NGO) called, Tanzania Relief and Sustainable Development (TRSD). Kennedy Naftal Odhiambo, President and founder of TRSDA, playing with some of the village children.

The site selected was at a school. Children carried water from the water hole for their teachers, themselves. Having a community well made sense to be at the school so the children can carry water home to their families. It is also central to the local villages.

Picture: Students’ jugs of water from the local water hole.

Survey for best well site at the school was done.  This was crucial to the process so that we had the greatest chance to find water. After the best place was located, a stake was secured in the ground for reference.

Government approval was needed. Members of the TRSD team met with local government officials and important connections were made.

Above left: Kennedy Odhiambo and District Commissioner Nickson Simon John. Above right: The District Commissioner pledges his support. Below: Board members from the District and TRSD members pause for photos.

The construction of the water tower was key for not only storage, but, water pressures. Local community members helped to build an 8’ high tower to put the water tank on. It will also be used to store maintenance equipment inside.

Emanuel Odhiambo in back of truck getting ready to help unload the material.

Picture: Students’ jugs of water from the local water hole.

Village ceremony happened. The anticipation of the new fresh water source was in the air.

The well rig arrives! This rig is self propelled with tracks on the bottom. To get it to the site, it is carried on a flatbed truck. We were sitting in the shade with some of the community members and heard the sound of a truck in the distance. The noise stopped and one of us walked down the hill and found that the truck couldn’t make it up the hill due to the wet, muddy conditions of the road. The workers extended the leveler arms on the rig and raise the whole machine up high enough that the truck just drove out from under it! Then, the rig slowly lowered  to the ground and made its way to the site.

At one point, crucial supplies were delayed at the bottom of the hill, due to the muddy road from the rain. The students got to help bring them up the hill. I can only imagine the stories they will have to tell for years to come!

On the right, students took turns rolling the water tank up the hill.

Fresh water has changed the lives of so many people in the surrounding villages. Notice in the video how the boy doesn’t want to waste a drop!

The village chief gets his first taste of the water.

July 2023 2nd well

On our 2nd well, we had 3 dry holes. But on the 4th attempt, WATER, and lots of it! After the well was hooked up, and pumping water, villagers from all over the area lined up late into the night for their turn to have water.

It brings a smile to my face every time is see the video on the left! (:

March 2024 3rd Well

We hit water!!!

Casing the bore hole with 8 PVC.


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