Donations are used to help children that want to attend school. We strive to promote things that will help individuals and families to help themselves. School materials give hope and added excitement for some students.

Right: Notice the different expressions of each child as they give their approval with a “Thumps Up!” TRSD team members are making a difference in the local communities.  

Right: Notice the expression on the student’s face as she looks at the photo of the couple that donated specifically for her.

Above is a photo of one of the daughters of Momma Shikira. We were fortunate to help in the construction of a home for this family. Click above on her photo to learn more about this project.

Right, a student smiles as she looks at the picture of those that made a donaton. This picture is worth a thousand words!

Here are a few of the children that were helped by funding from Aid4Africa. The orphanage is active in helping to find a sustainable way to house and take care of all the orphans. One student showed gratitude for the new school uniforms, food and school supplies. He did so in English! His schooling is helping him achieve his desire to speak foreign languages. 

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