Years ago, I heard that water going down the drain of a sink would turn counter clockwise in the Northern hemisphere and clockwise in the Southern hemisphere. Since I was going to be in Tanzania, I decided to do my own test to see if it was true. I made a video while at my home in Washington state, and then while in Tanzania. My findings were disappointing! Counter clockwise was for sure in the North, but, in the South, well, see for yourselves…




Washington State. Counter clockwise. Just like I thought! 

Distance between Seattle, Washington, USA and the Equator

5299 km = 3293 miles North of the equator.

But in Tanzania, It just didn’t want to go one way or the other! I tried several times with the same result.

Distance between Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and the Equator

760 km = 472 miles South of the equator.


Last night, while I was sitting next to Martha on the couch, the thought came to me to look at a map of Tanzania to see how far it is from the equator. I figured that it was so close to the mid-section of the earth that the drain thing wasn’t very pronounced!?? That has to be it. If anyone knows how this all works, please, share!

23 May 2022

Remember earlier, near the beginning of my daily journal, one of the members of the church unit offered to show me how to make brown rice? And then later, we had to cancel our trip by 2 days and she couldn’t show me. Well, she got me the recipe and I’m looking forward to making some brown rice! It is also called, Pilau. Below is the hand written recipe and two links for “how to” videos, one in Swahilli! Have fun trying this for yourself!  Who knows, it might become a favorite! A co-worker and friend, His name is also Joe and he asked me the other day if I ever got the recipe. Here you go, Joe! 

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