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Provide Aid To Those In Need Throughout Africa

Aid 4 Africa is an official, United States-based, 501(c)3 non-profit. We fund projects throughout Africa to help improve the lives of those who need assistance most. Our organization is run entirely by non-paid volunteers, so nearly every penny is sent to projects designed to impact as many lives as we can help. However, we cannot do this alone. We need your help. Click the button here to Donate Today!

How Your Donations Are Used:

Aid 4 Africa partners with non-profits throughout Africa that need resources and assistance to bring their humanitarian projects to life. We strive to ensure that each dollar spent will go towards a project that will greatly impact the lives of others. Here are some examples of how donations were used:


  • Well Drilling To Bring Clean Drinking Water to Schools & Villages
  • Computers and Start Devices For Schools To Promote Education
  • Education Training Programs for Adults
  • Microloan Programs to Help Locals to Start Businesses
  • Food Donations To Feed The Hungry
  • and so much more!

Featured Project

Help Us To Build Our 4th Water Well

GOAL: $12,900/USD

After the success of our first well project in the Kisarawe district in Tanzania, Africa, we were successful in building two more! We invite you to be a part of our 4th water well. Together, we can make a difference to many in need for generations!

Our Projects Help To Change Lives

NGOs, or non-profit organizations in Africa, reach out to us to help fund their proposed projects. We assist by collecting donations here in the United States to forward directly to approved projects throughout Africa. Here are some of the projects where your donations have made a difference.

Water Well Project

We helped to bring clean drinking water to a village that was 20 miles from their nearest source of water.

School Bathroom

Children from a Primary School in the Kisarawe previously used a hole in the ground for a restroom.

Micro Loan Project

Aid 4 Africa helped fund a microloan project in Africa to help individuals to start their own small businesses.

House Build Project

Aid 4 Africa helped to build a new home for a family whose home washed away in the rain.

School Supplies 4 Kids

We provided school supplies, books, uniforms, shoes, and backpacks to orphanages and kids in need.

Food For Families

Aid 4 Africa has provided food and meals to support orphanages and families in need.

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